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You asked. Dr. G answered!

Q&A with Dr. Kristine Grazioso You asked! Dr. G answered… Q: When should brushing teeth become a part of our routine? How many times a day?  As soon as the first tooth comes in!  Up until that point it is recommended that you wipe down your baby’s gums, and once teeth appear you can continue to wipe if that is easier at first.  Twice a day is a good goal to have!   Q: When can we switch from training toothpaste to...

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Kids, Time to Start Fighting

I recently stumbled upon an article on The New York Times by Adam Grant. The title “Kids, Would you Please Start Fighting?” caught my attention. According to Grant, we are neglecting to teach our children a critical skill in life, “the skill to get hot without getting mad — to have a good argument that doesn’t become personal — is critical in life. But it’s one that few parents teach to their children. We want to...

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Giveaway: UNICEF Kid Power – Get Active, Save Lives!

UNICEF Kid Power is an amazing program that gives children in the U.S. a chance to give back!  Here is how it works. With every step your kid takes wearing a Kid Power Band while connected to the App, they help unlock lifesaving food packets for kids in need around the world. The power band is a kids pedometer (and watch) that sets daily activity goals and allows them to compete against friends and family. Their everyday activity...

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Spotlight: Local Teacher Shares His Survival Guide to High School

If you have a child in high school, this post is for you! We recently spoke with local teacher and author, Brian Heffernan, about his book Big Bri’s Survival Guide to High School. Your book serves as a manual for success for high school students. How did you come to write it? I have been giving advice to high school students for my whole career, and over the years I have had many students tell me, Mr. Heffernan, you should write...

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Tips after the Tricks & Treats from Dr. G

Guest Blog Post By Dr. Kristine Grazioso When you’re a pediatric dentist and a mom, conversations this time of year kind of go like this… Unsuspecting Mom:  ‘So what do you do?’ Me:  ‘I’m a pediatric dentist!’  UM: ‘Ooohhhhh (pause)…so I guess you just hate this time of year, huh? With Halloween and all of that candy?’ Although this may seem hard to believe, Halloween is actually one of my favorite times of year!  It brings back a lot...

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Parenting Magic 5:1

We are human. We have good days and bad days, just like everyone else. The problem is that on our bad days, these little people, sometime the culprits, feel the wrath. There is nothing worse than the nights when I put my kids to bed and the guilt overcomes me. I am relieved they are in bed after a tough day, but often I begin to feel horrible soon after for having snapped, denied a request for an extra story, or simply for just not...

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