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Caitlin grew up in a small town in Connecticut. She settled in Cohasset about four years ago. She had grown up in a similar size town so this area felt like home right away. She loves the neighborly/community feel and the proximity to the beach. She is a mom to Sadie (her golden retriever), Addison (3) and Cooper (19 months)

◇ What do you love to around town with your littles and dog?

We love to go for walks with Sadie. Every Friday morning you will find us at French Memories for a croissant to start the weekend off right!

◇ What is one of your favorite local activities?

We often head to the South Shore Natural Science Center (a step up from visiting the Lobsters at Stop & Shop) and we visit the exhibits. We also love to go for a walk at Blue Hills. In the summer, we spend a lot of time at Sandy Beach. We usually take Sadie there in the early mornings before all the beach go-ers arrive.

◇ What is your go-to family friendly restaurant in the area?

I have early risers so tend to get a very early breakfast at Stars on Hingham Harbor on the weekends.

◇ Share a family favorite recipe.

I stumbled upon this Peach Cobbler recipe a few years ago watching the Food Network (you’ll find me alternating between the Food Network and Bravo on any given day). This is Trisha Yearwoods recipe and if anyone knows a good cobbler it is a Southern Baker! As you can imagine my family eats all my creations, good and bad, but this one has been declared a favorite.

◇ Best fitness class in town?

I love the Bar Method in Hingham; it is an awesome workout. I started after my first was born and continued all through my second pregnancy, literally up until the day I delivered. They have pregnancy modifications so you can still get a great workout in up until the very end. They also have an on site kids room, so no scrambling to find a sitter!

◇ This is a tough one. What is your favorite moment as a mom to date?

Last summer, my daughter had to get some blood work done, it was a tough day for her and for me. Afterwards, I took her and my son to get some ice cream in the afternoon. She was enjoying her cup and looked over when he squeaked that he wanted to try some. She said “Hang on, it’s coming, Bud!” and hopped down to give him a big bite. She then crouched down and wiped his little chin. It was such a sweet interaction and it melted my heart.

◇ What is do you find is the hardest part about being a mom?

For me the toughest part is remaining present. I try to catch myself when my mind starts racing to the next thing I am off to or what I’m going to cook for dinner. I try to remind myself to remain in the moment with my kids. I really want to enjoy each phase they are in, difficult as they may be, because I want to capture and remember all the amazing little things they learn and do each day.

◇ What is the best advice you have received from another mom?

Take pictures and write down the funny things they say because it all goes by so quickly.

◇ What is the best advice you would give to a new mom?

Use your Mom friends and family members, it really does take a village.  When you feel like you need help ask and always say yes to someone dropping off dinner!

◇ What is one thing you never leave the house without?

A watch, I feel all out of sorts if I don’t have one on. I am never late.

◇ Favorite must have product for moms?

The tote savvy diaper bag insert. It keeps everything super organized in small compartments and you can put it in and out of whatever bag you want for the day. It allows me to use the purse I actually want to wear while having access to everything the kids need. It also comes with a small rolled changing pad.

◇ Favorite must have product for kids?

The Nalgene Kids water bottle. It does not leak, ever!

◇ What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

My husband and I are avid wanna-be DIYers. We have a lot of grand plans, he is all about the sweat equity. We’ve learned a lot and made some mistakes but most importantly, we have a lot of fun trying it all out.

I also love to bake! If any excuse pops up to make something, I’m in the kitchen, I mentioned before that I am a nurse and I love that there is a science and an art to baking, which is so similar to my career as a nurse. I’ll attempt any recipe so I’ve had a lot of pitfall but a lot of successes too. You will see some of my favorites popping up on TSSM so stay tuned!

◇ What did you do before having kids?

After I had Cooper I stopped working so I could be home with the kids, but prior to that I worked as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. However, I still work in some ways….with all the calls and picture texts I still get from family and friends!

◇ Besides volunteering as a nurse for family and friends is there anything else you’re involved within the community?

I volunteer as a Committee Chair for empowerHER., an organization that supports, mentors and hosts events for young girls who have experienced the loss of their mother. This organization is so powerful for the girls they serve, they’ve grown exponentially over the last 4 years and hope to continue to going forward. It makes you so thankful as a mom that there is a group out there dedicated to this. Currently, we are planning the 2018 Soiree for the Fall – keep your eyes peeled for the Save the Date!

In honor of my nephew Zaid, I also work as an advocate for the SUDC Foundation and, which both seek to increase awareness and research funding for SUDC. SUDC is similar to SIDS but occurs in children older than 1 years old.

Thank you, Caitlin! We look forward to trying out that Peach Cobbler!

TSSM, please take a moment to learn more about SUDC  and donate here, every bit counts.


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