2019 Resolution Roundup - South Shore Moms

The new year is a perfect opportunity to better yourself, and your family! We’ve rounded up some classic resolutions, with some helpful pointers on how your whole family can achieve them!

Get More Organized!

  • schedule all doctor, dentist, etc. appointments for the year
  • color coded family calendar (monthly or weekly)
  • chore charts (for the kiddos)
  • Do one thing at a time. Fragmented focus can cause anxiety and stress!
  • To Do lists can act as a visual relief when you are able to continue crossing items off of your list as the day goes on!

Eat Healthier

  • find foods that are “in season” at your local market! (lot’s of citruses this time of year are in season)
  • fruit smoothies are a great way to take in 4-6 fruits and veggies in one serving!
  • gardening your own plants in your own yard or a community garden will increase your likely hood to eat fresh fruits and veggies and gets the whole family excited and involved
  • don’t be afraid to be adventurous in the kitchen!
  • partake in water in-take challenges with the whole family! A little friendly competition to promote healthy habits is a great way to bring everyone together!

Get Fit!

  • Take a family hike, there’s a plethora of great walking trails in and around the south shore!
  • Join a running group, the community environment helps encourage us and keep us accountable for our workouts!
  • Attend group fitness classes with buddies, for mom’s, dad’s, and kids alike this is a great opportunity to get active and maintain a social life
  • Find creative workouts to do! Today there are tons of great gyms with different kinds of workouts such as Row & Ride in Hanover or Pure Barre in Hingham!

Save Money!

  • Family coin jars are a great way to involve the whole family and collect change to save for trips and projects.
  • Instead of going out, get creative! At home movie nights are just as fun and much cheaper than the theater!
  • Designate one day a week as a “No Spend Day”
  • Purchase store brand items (food, medications, beauty products etc.) rather than name brand!

Less Screen Time

  • Create a schedule for specific activities to maintain productivity or playtime off of the iPad or TV!
  • Take up a new hobby! Crafting, cooking, or working out are great ways for everyone to stay busy!
  • Read the book before watching the movie! Family read along nights are a great way to stay connected, especially when the ending comes with another fun family event!

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