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We caught up with Christine McMackin and Tobi Baker-Daigle to talk all things skin, and what we all should be doing for ourselves right now while staying home. Christine and Tobi are local moms and co-founders of New England Skin Center, located in Weymouth. New England Skin Center is a medspa offering a range of services from hydrafacials to Botox, and much more. Who better to get some tips from about ways to take care of your skin even while you can’t get your regular facials or treatments? We had them share some quick and easy things all of us mamas can do in those short 5 minutes a day that we can find time to (hide out in the bathroom) take a break for some much-needed mini pampering sessions. Here’s what they suggest:


A luxurious way to start? Steam it out. Next time you can lock yourself in the bathroom for five minutes try this. Bring a bowl of boiling water with you, drape a towel over your head, and lean forward with your face over the bowl. This creates an at home steam bath for your face, and trust us– it will feel as good as a real spa treatment right about now. The steam opens your pores and allows your skin to breathe (it actually clears your lungs too!) and also become more receptive to anything you introduce it to afterwards. Apply product right after for optimal absorption.


Another great option is yoga or deep breathing. We know it’s a lot easier said than done, but relaxing can actually go a long way for your skin, which is one added benefit you probably never think about. If you can only get 5 minutes while the kids play outside, to close your eyes and enjoy the fresh air while you take big, meditative breaths, that is actually enough to be beneficial. Deep breathing brings more oxygen to your skin cells, which rejuvenates your skin and helps balance your complexion. If you can find 30 minutes in the morning or during the kids’ class zoom call, try an online yoga session. Some of our favorite local yoga studios are offering online classes that you can enjoy even if you aren’t a member. Krigsman Yoga , Shred Body, and Balance Studio are all fantastic, local, mom-owned studios that are offering yoga, stretching, and pilates classes online right now. The stress reduction itself is invaluable, and the benefits to your skin are really just an extra bonus!


Pay attention to what you’re putting into your body each day, too. Yes, we all may be getting a little carried away with baking every week (and we’re definitely not saying you can’t eat those treats!) but adding some healthy snacks and vitamins is great for your skin. One easy way to make your skin happy is by taking your supplements every day. Vitamin C is a great one that you may already have added to your rotation for it’s immune-boosting properties, but did you know it also helps stimulate your skin’s collagen production, which is great for keeping skin healthy and youthful? Also stay conscious about eating fruits and vegetables. Besides the valuable antioxidants and nutrients, there are actually studies that show eating colorful fruits and vegetables (thanks to carotenoids) increases the color and tone of skin, creating a healthier glow. 


Last but not least, do an at-home peel kit. Truly pamper your skin by doing a medical grade, but safe-to-DIY peel at home. The best part is you just need to find a few minutes to apply it and then can let it sit and work it’s magic while you attempt to walk your kids through their math lesson, or if you’re lucky, while you enjoy a netflix show and glass of wine after bedtime. Then, rinse off and follow with a mask and whatever product is included in your personalized kit. New England Skin Center is creating individualized peel kits based on a video consultation call where you share your skin concerns and needs. We package up a bundle just for you, including a peel, which is a light enough treatment you can do it weekly (it’s enough product for multiple peels!) and 2-4 other products to complement the treatment based on your skin type– so there’s no reason not to have soft, bright looking skin with a healthy glow even while you can’t leave the house. Bundles start around $100 and are dropped off at your doorstep around the South Shore area. 


One of the best things you can do for your skin is to continue to take care of it even while you’re not leaving the house. Maybe you’re used to weaning makeup every day, getting a monthly facial or regular Botox, and none of that is happening now. Routines are off and it may feel like you’re getting behind in your skin upkeep, but that’s ok! Do what you can to keep skin happy and healthy at home. Healthier skin will be more receptive to any other treatment you want to do when you can get back out of your house- whether that’s getting back on a Botox schedule or just getting back into your daily makeup and skincare routine. If you do even one or two of these things each week you’ll be making a positive difference in your skin.

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