Best (and Worst) Halloween Costumes Roundup - South Shore Moms

Up until now finding a Halloween costume for my daughter had been easy because I was basically the only one involved in the decision making process. For my daughter’s first Halloween we dressed her up as a scuba diver. It was a big hit. She got all the candy and then my husband and I ate it because she was a year old and our first child… so obviously no candy for her. Last year we had her dress up as a cat lady. She obviously didn’t get it but she LOVED that she was 1. warm 2. had cats all over her and 3. everyone (all the adults) laughed when they saw her, which she thought was hilarious. Also she was allowed to eat the candy so frankly, she didn’t care what was happening so long as she got another kit-kat. This year my daughter has opinions about everything under the sun. And she changes her mind about her Halloween costume as much as I change my ten month old’s diapers! So, we settled on Cinderella. I’m a little bummed about it because there are SO MANY great costume ideas out there for kids. But I quickly moved on because we still get to dress up our ten month old. Hello, baby shark!

Now, for any of you who are still in a costume predicament, we’ve rounded up of the best (and worst) Halloween costumes we’ve seen for a little inspiration. There are some very creative parents out there! But we won’t judge if you end up throwing a pillowcase on the babe and calling it a day 😉 Share your costumes with us and let us know what are the best (or worst) costumes you’ve seen? Tag us @thesouthshoremoms #TSSM



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