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We’re all about small, easy ways to be healthier. That’s why we love this versatile twist on spa water from Sara Hood, aka Sara Lovestyle. “This infused water is a fun way to change up boring water. It helps me consume more water, and I get to eat the fruit!” explains Sara, who made fitness a priority after having a heart attack at age 23. “One of the things I’ve learned is that motivation is based on mood or feelings. So when we aren’t in the mood or feel like it we don’t do it, and lack motivation. Half the time I don’t feel like it, but I do it because I understand the goal and purpose,” says Sara. Another way she works towards her goals? Creating a business plan for herself – and her family. “It creates plans and goals for us as a family. It also makes the children feel like they are a part of something greater and not excluded from our hectic demanding schedules,” says Sara.

As she looks back at 2020, she says she’ll take with her a few silver linings. “One of my favorite memories is making donuts for science with the kids. The time and memories we have created together are absolutely my favorite,” says Sara. Not to say it was all fun and games. “The most difficult was the first two weeks of quarantine. I’ll never forget my initial panic. I cried in the shower for almost an hour because I didn’t want to fail Josiah. Josiah being non-verbal autistic, we have a team of 17 therapists/teachers between our personal and school. Regression is a real thing so making sure he did not regress was my top concern,” says Sara. Like many of us, she and her family found their own way, together: “ I can honestly say I am so proud of us as a family. We rallied, Googled, YouTubed, and stayed in constant communication with our team. Not only did we not have regression, but he’s actually mastering skills. Is this ideal? No! But we are making the best of it.”

Sara Lovestyle’s Detox Drink



  1. Place all ingredients in blender.
  2. Blend for 1 minutes
  3. Pour into container as is or strain
  4. Chill & Enjoy

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