Doctor’s Orders: How We’re Staying Moisturized and Hydrated This Winter | South Shore Moms

In case you haven’t noticed, it is COLD outside! Bring on that heat wave! We were recently at our Doctor’s office with the kids for a routine checkup and my first question was what moisturizer should we use? It has been SO dry in our house with all the cold temps and the forced hot air. We’ve used all kinds of moisturizers in the past but have never stuck with one. Our doctor’s response was CeraVé. He said it just simply works… and it does. I picked some up on the way home and we’ve been using it after every bath and in the mornings if we’re feeling extra dry. The moisturizer stays with you all day and feels so smooth and creamy. The kid’s skin is buttery soft and I’m happy to report that mine is as well!

The other recommendation our Doctor had was to stay hydrated. I am the worst at making sure I drink enough water during the day so I recently found a great water bottle with the times of day on the side of it. It sounds so simple but it serves as a great reminder to keep drinking that water. This bottle and this bottle from amazon both get great reviews. Keep those little ones hydrated, too!

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