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I was never a huge fan of rice krispies treats growing up. I know, I know…. I just had never tasted these before. My good friend is the Betty Crocker of Cohasset. She can bake. Not only does she bake, but she gets into it and goes all out on holidays, birthdays or just because. Even the Bachelor finale once prompted a baked good that rivaled White’s.

This month, she whipped these Rice Krispie Treats up on a random weekday just because. Usually, I roll my eyes at those moms who do this “just because” while their kids nap or show up at the school bake sale with perfectly decorated/homemade (and always healthy) baked goods since I am the one rolling up with cupcakes in a plastic container hiding the sticker residue that screams “$3.99 from Stop & Shop”. However, in this case, I embrace the goodness and the craft, as I try to claim an injury, a celebration, or just a bummer of a day from time to time just to guilt my galpal into making me a sweet treat. She loves to bake, right?!? Let me help you….by eating it.


Follow these recipe instructions for the best treats:

•In a large pot,on low, melt 4 tbsp butter
•Once it is completely melted mix in (1) 10 oz bag of marshmallows, melt completely on low
•Take 1/4 of the melted marshmallows and put in a bowl with a small amount of green food coloring (for the stems)
•Add a small amount of orange food coloring to the remaining 3/4
•Mix 1 cup of Rice Krispies into the green bowl and 5 cups of Rice Krispies into the orange
•Allow to cool slightly in the pan so it is easier to handle.
•Mold pumpkin circles with the orange
•Mold and roll green into a log and cut 1 inch stems to press onto the tops of pumpkins

Makes approximately 16, 2 inch pumpkins.

Bakers tips:

1. Gel food coloring adds less liquid to recipient while giving a vibrant color
2. Mini marshmallows melt quicker
3. Spray hands with cooking spray when molding pumpkins to prevent sticking

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