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Do you cross your fingers? Knock on wood? Keep a penny in your pocket? Some people rub a Buddha belly, eat lucky charms for breakfast, or wear those lucky underwear. Did you know there are tons of ‘lucky’ traditions around the globe?


Lucky Little Things!

The Four Leaf Clover: a good luck charm in Ireland. But we all knew that…

The luck cat in Japan, Maneki Neko, brings good luck and fortune into your home with its waving paw.

In England, the horseshoe is good luck and you will often see it displayed over a door.

Feng Shui, anyone? The mystic knot in China, is created by tying together six infinity knots and represents never-ending good luck.

Acorns are considered good luck in Norway.

Frogs bring good look to those in Australia.

The ladybug is a symbol of good luck worldwide!


Lucky Traditions!

In Spain and Latin America, on NYE, you must eat 12 grapes, one for good luck each month of the year.

If a bird poops on you, in Russia they believe its symbolic of good luck to come!

Cross your fingers. This tradition dates back to early Christianity, where people in Rome used this gesture to replicate the cross.

Knocking on wood protects from bad luck, which originated in Germany.

Know someone getting married? Tell them to put a penny in their shoes. In the Victorian Era in Europe this brought newlyweds luck and prosperity.

Tough day with the kiddos? It’s ok, call them names under your breath. In China, insulting your baby is a superstition they believe tricks evil spirits into thinking that it is not a baby and the evil spirit will leave the baby alone. Hmmm…. We’ll go with it.

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