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Happy Holidays, TSSM Community! We’re excited to kick off another Meet a Mom Monday by introducing you to Genevive Criscuolo. As a kindergarten teacher, an advocate for pediatric cancer and a shining example of a super-mom and wife, we couldn’t be more thrilled to share her story with you. Let’s get to know Genevive!



Where are you from originally? What brought you to MA?

I was born and raised in Stoughton, MA.  I went to the University of Connecticut but then came back shortly after graduation with my boyfriend, now husband.  

Where is home today? How long have you lived there?

We have lived in Stoughton ever since moving back. All of my family is local so it’s wonderful for my children to be able to grow up with so many cousins within walking distance. 

How many kids do you have? Names and Ages? Tell us about them!

Three girls! Lucyanna is 12 and a burst of positive energy! She brightens every room she walks into with her infectious laugh and kind, sweet heart.  She loves singing and dancing!

Mia Rae is 10 and an empath.  She feels all the feelings and is the kindest, most inclusive child you could meet.  She has had to grow up fast, having two sisters who have their own medical challenges.  She is always someone you can count on.  She loves musical theater!

Teddie is 6 and is a complete warrior.  She is sassy and spunky and deserves to be!  She was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor at age 3 and has been an inspiration through her journey.  She loves drama and brings it to all of her roles.

Becoming a mom is incredibly life changing to say the least. We go through so many “seasons” of motherhood. What do you like most about the season you are in with your kids?

I think my favorite is now they are all old enough to truly make choices for themselves and watch them grow into independent, confident humans.  They understand life to a certain extent and it’s so amazing to watch them make decisions for themselves.  I love the deeper conversations we can now have.  I also love that they still love to have a family movie night and snuggle fest!  They aren’t “too cool” yet.

What would you say to Genevive Criscuolo, brand new mom?

It’s going to be hard, real hard…but it is more than worth it.  It’s the best job in the world!  Trust your gut.  Be an advocate for your children.  Lean on the people around you.

Tell us about your career as a teacher and now beauty rep/activist?

I have been a kindergarten teacher for 14 years and I absolutely love it! It is so rewarding, so exhausting, and so so much fun!  I love each child in my classroom like they are my very own and I hope that comes across to them.  As for Beautycounter, I have always been cognizant of what me and my family put in and on our bodies.  I always spent a few extra dollars in the aisles of Target to get shampoo, body wash, lotion that say “clean” or “all natural”.  What I did not know is that there is so much more to these products than just a name that companies can put on them.  When Teddie got diagnosed with cancer I felt like my life was spinning out of control and I needed to feel like I was in control of something.  With the help of her oncology team I landed upon Beautycounter and started swapping out products throughout my house.  It wasn’t until two years later that I decided to be a brand advocate for Beautycounter and share their mission of getting safer products in the hands of everyone.  I now feel like it’s my mission, my passion to share what I know about how dangerous products can be.  I love helping people make safer choices for themselves and their families!

What inspires you? 

What inspires me is to strive to be the best mother, wife, and friend I can be.  That means to be present, honest, and vulnerable.  I have the most amazing and supportive friends and family and could not be more blessed. 

Tell us about Teddie’s Team?

When Teddie first got diagnosed everyone wanted to help.  The biggest “help” was honestly everyone’s prayers and good vibes.  People just being there and showing up.  So many people showed up.  The outpouring of love and support was overwhelming.  We were so blessed by our community, we still are.  My husband’s aunt asked if she could make shirts to show support, and that’s when Teddie’s Tribe began.  Teddie’s Tribe runs far and deep.  Teddie’s Tribe does not just love and support for her and her journey, but for our whole family. Since Teddie was diagnosed with cancer we have donated to a variety of organizations including MGH Pediatric Oncology Unit, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Tommy’s Place, and individual cancer families who need help.   I also donate a portion of  my Beautycounter sales to a variety of pediatric cancer organizations.  Beyond our personal donations Teddie has now had many 6 people run the Boston (and New York Marathon) in honor of her.  Her father ran Boston for MGH pediatric oncology unit, her Uncle and our family friend ran Boston for Cops for Kids with Cancer, and her Aunt has run both Boston and New York for Alex’s Lemonade Stand and MGH Pediatric Unit.    

Favorite Beautycounter products?

Ohhh this is hard!  I literally could not live without so many of the products.  If I had to pick my all time favorite it would be the Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm. It literally does it all.  You can use it to remove makeup at the end of the night, or for an overnight mask where you wake up feeling so hydrated.  I use it on my kids’ scrapes and dry skin too!  It’s a must have for my family!  I love love love the whole Vitamin C line.  I start each day with the All Bright Vitamin C serum.  It’s truly like sunshine in a bottle!  I could go on forever, but really everything is so fantastic!  I really enjoy talking with people to see what their needs are and then go from there to help curate a perfect routine for them!

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I am actually quite introverted.  My closest friends call me an introverted extrovert.  Nine times out of ten I’d prefer to stay in and hang with my family.  However, when it comes to Beautycounter and sharing my passion to help people make safer swaps I could talk to anyone for hours about it!


What is your favorite kind of date night with your husband?

I love day dates.  Doing something different and fun like golfing or axe throwing.  But don’t get me wrong, I love a good dirty martini and oysters!

Quote or mantra you live by?

Good Vibes Only.  I don’t have time for any negativity.  Nobody does.  We all have so much on our plate that is unique to each of us.  We need to lead with grace and love.  

Amen to that, Gen! Thank you so much for sharing with our community a little bit about you! You are a true crusader and amazing role model for your family. 

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