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Abigail is originally from Hingham and so is her husband. They met in the second grade! They currently live in Cohasset with their two beautiful girls, Isla and Fiona. They will be four and two in April. They have lived in Cohasset for two years and love the small town charm.



◇ What is your favorite thing about living in the South Shore?

My favorite thing about living here is that my family live close. Both sets of grandparents and two of the girls’ uncles and their families live on the South Shore. We see family many days a week and wouldn’t want it any other way.

◇ What do you love to do with your kids around town?

We live near Cohasset Village and so my favorite thing is to walk to our destinations. Although there isn’t that much in Cohasset, it is all in one spot and we love having easy access to it all. We walk to the library, to preschool, to the farmer’s market, and to our favorite place for treats: Seabird Coffee.

◇ What is your favorite season and activity here? 

The 4th of July parade in Hingham is my favorite local tradition. I love summertime and I love how cheerful Hingham feels while they prepare for the parade. It always seems to be outrageously hot and there are far too many old fashioned cars but it is still so fun. My husband and I marched in it as kids for Little League, Girl Scouts, school plays, and more. My husband’s mom started the Crow Point Marching Kazoo Band that marched for over 20 years. They recently retired their act. Of course, the parade is even more fun now that we have kids to bring to it. My mom and I shop for the girls’ parade dresses in the same way we pick out their Christmas dresses. We love going to Carolann’s in downtown Hingham for patriotic sundresses and bows. Is it summer yet?!?

◇ Favorite family friendly restaurant in the area?

We love Stars on Hingham Harbor. My husband and I grew up going there and now our girls love it, too. Toddler tip: get there around 4:45pm and you’ll beat the dinner wait!

◇ What is your favorite moment as a mom to date?

Thinking about my girls being put in my arms for the first time gives me a rush of emotion. Yet, I didn’t know them yet, and so I think my favorite memories are once they became at least toddlers. I love watching and helping them develop. My favorite memory is really a blur of sweet moments like when they absentmindedly reach up to hold hands, watching them play together peacefully (rare!), or when they reach a milestone or master a skill that was previously hard for them.

◇ What is the toughest part about being a mom?

It is nonstop. Unlike any other job, you never get a break at motherhood. Even when they are in bed you are downstairs cleaning up after them, recovering from the exhaustion of day, planning the next day of their lives, or worrying about something that is going wrong. Other jobs have hours or shifts but motherhood is for life.

◇ What is the best advice you would like to give to a new mom?

Trust yourself. Your baby needs you, and you alone. That might sound like a lot of pressure (it is!) but sometimes it helps to give into that idea. Whether the trouble is with sleep or food or development, you know your baby and you can figure it out. The fanciest sleep tools will only work if you understand what it is that your baby needs. So trust yourself that you can figure it out, advocate for him or her, or see them through this exhausting phase.

◇ What do you do for work?

I worked as an elementary classroom and reading teacher for nine years. I also taught graduate classes in reading specialty while working on my Ed.D. in Curriculum, Teaching, Leading, and Learning. I finished my coursework days before my oldest daughter was born but am still working on my thesis. 2018 is the year to finish!

Every afternoon I tutor elementary and middle school students who struggle with reading and writing. This summer I will be running small groups providing literacy enrichment for preschool and primary age students.

◇ Favorite must have product for moms?

Mom friends! Seriously. At each stage of their development my favorite products shift, too. Yet through it all I have relied on conversations with other mothers to make sense of everything. From my own mom, to my sister and sister-in-laws, to local friends, and even to far-away friends through texting and messaging.

We agree, Abigail, your momtourage is everything! Thanks for sharing xx

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