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Amy is originally from a small town in Ohio called Jamestown. You’ll hear her say she is from Cincinnati, which is only about an hour away from Jamestown and it is where she met her husband, got married and began her beautiful family. She has three daughters who are all two years apart, Lola (6), Sylvia (4) and Camilla (2). She considers herself a “newbie” to the South Shore because they just moved a little over a year ago. Amy posts her daily outfits and styling advice (among other things) on Instagram @amylhendy. Stay tuned for her guest blog post coming soon!  


◇ Where on the South Shore do you live? 

My family lives in Hingham.  We live near the water in Crow Point.  We are really enjoying Hingham and love our neighborhood.  The South Shore is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

◇ What is your favorite thing about living here?

I have to be honest, when we found out we were moving to Boston, I was less than thrilled.  I’m not sure I can identify the reason why, but I just didn’t think it was a city I wanted to live in or near.  I am SO happy to admit I was VERY wrong!  Hingham (along with the rest of the SS) feels like such a special place to live.  My family enjoys spending time in the city, and Boston is full of life, history, and culture (not to mention fabulous shopping)!  Plus, it is small enough to navigate with 3 young kids.  In Crow Point, we are fortunate to be near the ferry for day trips with the kids, or I can meet my husband for date night after his work.  We also really enjoy living by the water, which is something we were unaccustomed to as Ohioans.  It is so much fun to have easy access to the beach and the Cape!  My husband is a mountain lover as well and is hoping to teach us all how to ski this year.  One of our family’s favorite activities is traveling and there is an abundance of places to visit and explore from this area.  Finally, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the incredible people we’ve met here on the SS this past year.  Our neighborhood is full of couples like us raising young children, and they’ve all be so welcoming.  Our church in Norwell has also allowed us to meet so many wonderful couples.  We now call several families on the SS our friends.

◇ Favorite family friendly restaurant in the area?

We love eating on the water at Lucky Finn in Scituate.  It is the cutest café with a charming atmosphere and delicious food.  We also enjoy b.good at Derby Street because the food is healthy and full of flavor.

◇ What is your go-to family favorite recipe.

We love to eat Mexican food.  One of our favorite dishes is from a blogger favorite of mine on Instagram, @pinchofyum. Healthy Mexican Casserole with Roasted Corn and Pepper! See recipe here.

◇ Do you have a favorite local store?

I love all of the shops at Derby Street.  We are so fortunate to have local access to many of the top names in women’s fashion.  Evereve is a unique boutique at Derby offering women a special shopping experience with more one-on-one styling advice.  They carry many of today’s most popular clothing brands. Chel Bella and Kloth are two Hingham Square boutiques that offer women an expertly curated selection of the latest trends from top designers and contemporary brands, as well as accessories.

◇ What has been your favorite moment as a mom to date?

As most moms would probably say, there are more special moments and memories than you can count!  The first thing that came to my mind was when my youngest daughter was born and we brought her home.  I think I felt at that moment that my family was complete.  It was a nice feeling.

◇ What is the toughest part about being a mom?

That’s a TOUGH question!  I think for me it’s equal parts hoping that I am doing it “right” and will raise the type of children I hope to raise and the often overwhelming feeling of always being “on.”  Meaning that even when your children are at school, or you’re on a date night or a getaway with friends or your spouse, you cannot completely disconnect from motherhood.  It is truly a 24-7, 365 days a year role.  For me, motherhood can feel consuming.  I often long for time away or to myself only to find that I am not quite sure what to do without them around!  It’s finding that balance between being everything they need and deserve while maintaining an identify all your own so that your “tank is full” and you can give them your best.

◇ What is the best advice you have received as a mom?

To try and enjoy all of the moments because they all are special and meaningful in their own way.  Not to worry so much about all the “things,” the house cleaning, bill paying, grocery shopping, and having the “perfect” home and “perfect” children. To relish the time with them and live joyfully and gratefully in the stage of life you find yourself.  I say this because it’s one of the most difficult practices for this mom!

◇ What is the best advice you would like to give to a new mom?

Grace!  For yourself because you WILL fail, for your children because THEY will fail, and also towards other moms who you realize are just doing their very best in the only way they know how.  Comparison kills joy and this is particularly true in motherhood where you can almost always find another mom who seems to have it all together (she doesn’t) or to be doing it better (she’s not).  Do your best to focus on your family and to be confident in your methods and choices.

◇ What is one thing you never leave the house without?

I hate to admit it but my cell phone!  It is on me at all times.

◇ What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

When I meet new people, they are sometimes surprised at the importance my family and I place on our faith.  We are a Christian family and attend church most every Sunday morning.  I am also part of a weekly Bible Study.  I attended a Christian college and have a minor degree in Bible.

◇ What do you do for work?

Before marrying my husband and having children, I was an attorney.  I worked as a litigator for a large law firm in Ohio.  I quit practicing law soon after we married and became pregnant with my first daughter.  During that time, I started selling a clothing line out of NYC and worked as a stylist offering closet edits and personal shopping.  I sold the clothing line and worked as a stylist on a very part-time basis until a few months after my second daughter was born.  When she was 7 months old, our family moved to Italy for a year with my husband’s job.  It was during that year I began thinking about starting a fashion blog.  Another baby (my third) and several more moves kept me from going forward with the blog for a couple more years.  I still consider myself a SAHM, but I am slowly moving back into the fashion world through my style Instagram blog and personal styling/shopping services.  I hope my work in this area picks up over the next year or so!

◇ Favorite must have product for tired moms?

Nespresso (I am partial to espresso over coffee because of my time in Europe, the Vanillo pods are my favorite) and a reliable, available babysitter for time away during the day and date nights!


Welcome to the South Shore, Amy! We love having you here and seeing your fabulous style on the daily. Xx

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