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Meet Cait! Cait was born and raised in Scituate. A true South Shore girl and now mom. She has four beautiful children, Dominic (13), Taegan (12), Kinley (6) and Rexxen (4).

◇ What is your favorite season around here?

I’m a lover of Fall! I love being outside, walking, going to the beach, having a fire and being able to wrap up in a warm comfy sweater with a pumpkin latte ( so basic, I know). It’s so New England!

◇ What else do you love to do with your family around town?

We love dinner at the beach! There’s nothing more enjoyable then winding down after the craziness of work, school, sports and whatever else the day has brought us to just hang at the beach for a super casual dinner. No matter how cool the water the kids and dog still love to get the last of there energy out swimming and playing and there’s something about throwing on a sweatshirt while still being able to relax in sand.

◇ What has been one of the most memorable moments as a mom to date?

My daughter , Taegan had her 5th grade recognition night, from Jenkins school and they announced that she has received the 2018 Charles & Emeline Jenkins award. It was given to one female and one male, each who show selflessness, giving of time, talent and heart, thoughtful, positive, smart, hard working, loyal and honesty. I was so surprised (not because she doesn’t have all of these qualities) but because of my own day to day parenting insecurities. There are not words to describe the feeling of proud in that very moment!

◇ Well, it sounds like you’re doing a tremendous job there. Speaking of job, tell us a little bit about your business! 

I have always known I wanted to do hair. I always knew someday I would have my own salon. Three years ago,  I was working for a local salon, a bridal company, freelancing for other local salons, doing hair in my kitchen and all the while trying to be a good mom. It felt hectic and I wanted to find a better balance. I wasn’t even looking for a space. I was simply looking to have a dress altered. Ironically enough, the space next to it was available for rent and while having my dress altered, papers were signed and the ball began to roll. Since then Altered has closed and the salon space was able to double in size. Unlike other beauty salons, I have come across, we are all moms that work there with no set in stone schedule. We come and go through the day (7 days a week) as needed to accommodate our clients and of course we get to work around our family schedule . It’s a great team and a great vibe. Sometimes you’ll find a client in there with their kids, a bag of snacks and toys, and we love it because we get it.

◇ What do you find is the toughest part about being a business owner?

Again, trying to find balance between being a good mom, being a good boss and being a good friend.

◇ Balance! What is the best advice you have for another mom who is trying to balance it all?

There is no manual! I think as long as we try our best, we are doing something right.

◇ How’s life as a mom of a teenager?

The teenage years. WOW! It’s not fun, cheap or easy! This school year has been a bit of a challenge. Homework is a struggle, things are not getting done on time (if at all) and there is little care. I’m learning that the cell phone is one of our few points of leverage. Unfortunately, taking it away isn’t an option so I got creative. After a conference with a teacher that reiterated the lack of effort being shown, I made a pit stop on the way home at an AT&T store to grab the most standard flip phone they still sold. Needless to say the presentation of this device was rather comical but homework has started to be done. Do I think this is the best way to deal with this parenting situation? Maybe, maybe not. I question it but it’s working right now, so I’ll take it!

◇ Are you involved in anything else within the community?

I’d love to say I started a non profit for Disaster Relief. My husband, best friend and I had quite the life changing experience after Hurricane Sandy back in 2006. However, we do not have an organization. yet! I can’t quit the salon life until we win the lottery! So, until then ,I’m really enjoying spending some of my extra time with Maura’s Mission and EmpowerHer. Both have some unbelievable missions that make my soul feel good. It’s great when you have an extra minute or a hand to lend.

◇ What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

There is still a bit of shock value when people realize that when I opened the salon, 3 years ago, I was 27 with 4 kids, 2 dogs and 3 ducks! It seems like it may not be the smartest idea to put so much on your plate when you have your hands full as it but I’m always reassuring people, yes, I may be a little insane and I’m loving every second of this life.

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