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Hello, TSSM! I’m Dani. The mom behind The South Shore Moms 🙂 This website has become a wonderful creative outlet for me that incorporates a little bit of my background before kids and my everyday life as a mommy. Getting personal on here was not a part of the plan, but since I am in the Mother’s Day spirit, I figured I’d share a bit about myself and how The South Shore Moms came to be. You’ll notice I rarely share photos of myself and my kids – and that’s because this space isn’t for me – it’s for all of us. It is a place to celebrate our communities and enjoy this journey we are on – all together! The site is meant to be a resource, a calendar of events and a blog sprinkled with fun and (hopefully!) useful information. I hope you enjoy following along as much as I have enjoyed building The South Shore Moms community. Let me tell you a little bit about myself…



  • I have two littles, E (3.5) & J (19 months)… and surprise: one more on the way! Baby #3 is due in July. You’ll likely see me asking for advice (panic mode) in the coming weeks. We are at a loss for a name, the car to buy, the paint color for the nursery, and basically everything else… but other than that, we’re ready.


  • My favorite moment as a mom, or sound I should say, is the sound of my children laughing together. There are a million and one things that I love about being a mother, but watching my kids play (nicely) together brings me the utmost joy. While it certainly wasn’t a part of the plan to have three under four, I can only imagine how amazing it will be for them to grow up so close in age. I love that they will have each other! One other thing that has been extremely special, is falling in love with my husband all over again. We have been dating since college and have seen each other grow up. I admire him and adore him for many reasons, but nothing quite beats watching him as a Dad. He could, however, use a little help in the tidy department. I’ll save that rant for another day…


  • One thing that is difficult about being a mom, for me, is the balancing act. Taking care of myself, my marriage, my house and the kiddos. Some (all?) would say I’m a bit of a control freak, and so letting go has been a learning experience. My hair may go unwashed one too many days, the laundry may not be put away and my kids may have learned a swear word or three. And I’m learning to accept what I cannot control.  Enjoy the chaos, right?


  •  In addition to being a bit OCD, I’ve been called strict. I run a tight ship… it’s the only thing that keeps me sane. Structure and routine! The best advice I have received as a mom is to discipline your kids, but to love on them more. Each day, I try to make sure my kids feel more love and affection than they feel disciplined. Some days, I put them to bed and that mommy guilt sets in, because I knew deep down I was harder on them than I loved on them. I try to take it one day at a time, and make up for it by sneaking in for one more bedtime kiss.


  • To all my girlfriends that are expecting, I always tell them how quickly it goes. I’m still in the littles phase and am amazed at how fast time is passing. For the tough moments, I say, this too shall pass, and for the good moments, this too shall pass, so soak it all in! Would you believe me if I told you that I look forward to the newborn night feedings? Maybe it’s because I fear this is my last baby ! I remember googling, reading and worrying about my newborns sleeping through the night, and now, I look forward to those snuggles. FULL DISCLOSURE: You’re catching me on a good day (happy, emotional and hormonal). I’ll be sure to update you when baby #3 is here and I haven’t slept in months… I’ll probably be googling, reading and worrying, again.



  • I moved to the South Shore three years ago. We have grown to absolutely love it. We love the community, the people, the beach and are so thrilled to raise a family here. I won’t lie… I moved kicking & screaming. I had been living in New York City since I graduated college and loved city life (even with a baby)! I had built my life there and when I became a mom, I found it so easy to navigate and to meet other moms. Moving to the suburbs was a real adjustment at first, but I couldn’t be happier.


  • I grew up in Greenwich, CT (where The Local Moms Network first-born was born). Once I moved here, I always wished we had a similar platform for local moms in this area. After using the existing sites in the area, and finding myself at story times and kid events 30-40 minutes away from my home, I decided it was time to create a space for moms to use as a one-stop-shop. Where to go, where to shop, what to cook, you name it! I wanted it to be hyper-local so that new moms in the area wouldn’t find themselves in Randoville, MA, cursing at the GPS.


  • My favorite thing about living in this area is the beaches. I love that I see the water every day. It’s such a beautiful place. I also love that there are so many walking trails on the South Shore. Who knew I’d become so outdoorsy?! My family loves Worlds End. If it’s a nice day, you’ll likely see us there. These days, you’ll have to look for the mama that is waddling and panting.

I’ll end this “Meet a Mom” with a few fun (and random) facts:

I was born in Costa Rica and despite being fluent myself, I am desperate for my kids to learn Spanish. Ayudame!

I listen to oldies music (when the Moana soundtrack isn’t on loop) and am often called an old soul.

I love ghost stories. Please, do share!

I’m a career changer. After college (Go BC!) I moved to NYC and worked in Advertising at McCann Erickson on the MasterCard Priceless campaign. Very fun! I later did a total 180 and went to Columbia University for grad school. I graduated from Teachers College and taught elementary school for a few years. I absolutely loved it!

I never leave the house without wipes. I love Boogie Wipes! I can’t stand runny noses.

My mommy must-have? Klorane Dry Shampoo for me. Nose Frida for the babes (told you.. no boogies here)!

I love love love Soul Cycle and wish we had one closer. Looking at you, Derby Street!

I eat ice cream (Haagen Dazs only) every day. And not only while preggers. Don’t judge.

I’m a sucker for Lifetime Movies. All of them.

My guilty pleasure: Massages & Manicures

Song of the Moment: Macklemore & Kesha: Good Old Days. Tears, every time.

Show of the Moment: The Chi on Showtime. So good!

Mommy Saying of the Moment: “Be the best version of yourself!” I know, I know.. but somehow they get it.



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