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You’ve seen her at the local libraries, birthday parties, and on Saturday you’ll see her at Buttonwood Books & Toys in Cohasset. Everyone’s favorite mom on the South Shore and singer-songwriter, Mama Steph is releasing a brand new CD, Little Mouse, Little House. We love her music and we love her so we wanted to share with you just how special Mama Steph is.

How long have you lived on the South Shore?
We’ve been here in Scituate for almost 30 years.

What is your favorite thing about living here?
It’s just so beautiful! I’m grateful to be able to live near the ocean, to watch its different  moods, the watercolor skies, the moon rising … It’s a magical place and I’ll never take it for granted. Also, I’ve met so many really wonderful people, of all ages.

How did you get started in music and how did you ultimately become Mama Steph?
I believe that I’ve always had a love of music, passed down from my parents. In a kindergarten picture, I’m holding a baton conducting my schoolmates in song. I took piano lessons from 3rd to 8th grade but found it somewhat difficult to read music. I could play a piece much easier by hearing it first. So I found a way to ask the teacher to play it for me. (Not sure they knew what I was up to!) Every week, a section in the Sunday paper used to include a song with chords and I remember learning ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ from that. Then there was Carole King, and James Taylor, and I was off and running! I accompanied the chorus in high school and sang too. I remember jazzing up the songs much to the consternation of our director! My parents also bought me a guitar, something new to learn, and I loved it. After I finished junior college, Steve and I were married. While our 5 children were young, there was little time for me to play instruments, but there was always music on in the house. I enjoyed cooking, baking, sewing and all different sorts of crafts, (along with everything else that must get done!) I could do these things with the kids. Then later, with my youngest two in high school, a friend asked if I would come to her nursery school to play some music. I had NO idea what I would do!!. But, as it says on my website, “It started with Twinkle … ” The children were so adorable, and a new door opened for me that day. One gig led to another. I now had time to practice and started to write songs. It hasn’t stopped and I hope it never will! I was named Mama Steph by a friend to differentiate between my daughter Steph and me. So it feels natural and comfortable.

Many of us know you through your music and performances. What is one thing that people might not know about you?
I made my oldest daughter’s wedding dress. It was strapless, and it stayed up!

Tell us about your new CD and where we can find it.
It’s called Little Mouse Little House. There is a story inside that tells where the name comes from. I’m so happy with this new music, something for everyone I think. It will be available at Buttonwood Books and Toys,, and shortly, on iTunes.

What is your favorite memory as a mom to date?

  1. I have loved watching my children become the wonderful, good people that they are.
  2. Sundays. It’s Cuzzie day! We all try to get together at our house for supper. We all try to catch up and the kids get to play together, share a meal then wait for Steve to make their favorite ice cream treat. I love watching them all and having time to share a story or play a game (in between roasting the veggies). It’s a crazy-great time!

What is YOUR favorite Mama Steph song?
This is a hard one! How about one from each album …

  1. Simply Mamasteph ………. Doogie and Finn
  2. There’s a Little Light……. Dragonsong
  3. A Family Christmas… … Animal’s Christmas
  4. Little Mouse Little House … Sippy Cup

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened during a Mama Steph performance?
Well, the other day, about 13 minutes into the gig, a curious child set off the fire alarm. We had to evacuate the building and wait until we got the all clear which took a while. But then we filed back in and I started up where I left off. All was well! Also, at one gig we were all covering our eyes and waiting …. .for the surprise, when a child called out, “Are you kidding me!” Loved that!

You’re a mother of five and now a Grandmother – what advice would you give to a new Mom and what is the best advice you have received as it relates to being a mom?
We’ve all heard it, but it’s true. It goes by in a blink. It doesn’t feel that way when you’re so tired you can’t think, or when you look at a sink full of dishes that is calling, or when you finally get the baby to sleep, get a moment to yourself and then, she/he wakes up crying … again1 Each day brings change and challenges. Our children are like beautiful butterflies emerging from their cocoons. We need to be there to love them and guide them. A sense of humor is key. I would wish that new mom all the love, understanding, patience and courage she needs, so that she can be the best mother she can be.

Anything else you would love to share with our readers?
Just that I am forever grateful for the life I’ve been given. Each day that I leave for a gig, I carry, not only my guitar on my back, but the love_ of family, friends, and the children, young and old that I meet, in my heart. ‘Tis true.

Thank you, Mama Steph. You have our hearts (and ears)! For more details about Mama Steph’s new CD Launch at Buttonwood Books & Toys visit our calendar.


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