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JoAnn is originally from New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. She moved to Boston for grad school (for speech pathology) and ended up falling in love with the city, a job, and eventually a guy (her now husband). They moved to Scituate after their first son, Chet (now 4), was born and have grown their family since. They now also have Mae (2) and Jude (9 months). Her kids are all spaced about 20 months apart and JoAnn says they can’t get enough of each other, for now, at least 🙂

◇ 20 months apart! What is your coffee order?

Black- much easier to reheat 30 times a day!


◇ What does dinner time look like at your house?

I strive for the “rule of 3” to ensure that I’m providing relatively well-rounded offerings at each meal.  I serve meals on divided plates or in Bento boxes and attempt to have a different colored food in each compartment. It’s not rocket science (intentionally!) but even at my most groggy, I can typically manage to eke out something healthy just by eyeballing if the plate is overwhelmingly monochromatic (looking at you, chicken fingers, french fries, and a cheese stick!)

◇ What is one of your favorite moments as a mom, so far?

For my last birthday, my 4 year old was very concerned about getting me a present I would love.  He paced and fretted and finally presented me with some stacking blocks we’ve had on the shelf for about 2 years now (gee, thanks?).  Upon having me “open” the “present,” he excitedly told me all of the things that I could make with them that he thought I’d love- an animal shelter, a computer, a book, a car, a building etc. etc.   I just loved seeing his little personality emerge and be so full of kindness.


◇ What have you found to be one of the toughest parts about being a mom?

When their little personalities emerge and they’re NOT so kind!  It’s very hard not to internalize the less favorable aspects of our children.  We’re so quick to assume responsibility for the “bad” moments, but rarely take credit for the good!


◇ What is the best advice you would like to give to a new mom?

Sign up for anything that will get you around mothers of children the same age as yours! When you’re in the throes of motherhood, it’s imperative to have allies who are going through exactly what you’re experiencing at the same time.  You’ll need to ask questions which might be overly personal, hormone-driven, or frankly crazy… and you need women who empathize and may be thinking or asking the same thing!  It makes motherhood- especially during the first few months- drastically less lonely!


◇ Most embarrassing mom moment to date?

For anyone who has been to the SSYMCA, there is an exceptionally large babysitting room which is subdivided according to age.  I was picking up two of my kids, but decided to detour and quickly breastfeed my baby in the infant area. So as not to draw too much attention, I covered myself completely with a swaddle but sure enough, like moths to a flame, about 10 older kids came over to see what I was doing.  A lot of questions were asked and, I thought, tactfully answered (“I’m feeding the baby… milk… etc.”) until my 4yo arrived and screamed (I mean SCREAMED)- “She’s feeding the baby with milk from HER BOOOOOOBS.” So much for discretion?

◇ Totally agree! Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m the co-president of Scituate Cohasset Newcomers and Neighbors, a local social organization which strives to connect residents of the two towns through fun, philanthropic, and community building activities.  It’s been instrumental in helping me find my proverbial “village.” Recently, joining the Board has granted me the opportunity to meet and collaborate more closely with even more awesome people and help steer the direction of the club.   


◇ You mentioned you went to Grad School for Speech Pathology, tell us more about that.

I was a speech pathologist working in a pediatric hospital with medically complex children.  My focus was on feeding disorders, early intervention, and augmentative communication.


◇ Ok, favorite must-have product for moms?

BotaBox Wine.


◇ Last but not least….Go – To Spot in Town?

Untold Brewery has been a total gamechanger.  Our towns are seriously lacking places where parents can socialize like real adults (no offense, MyGym lobbies) while our kids can move around and play.  Bonus points for having indoor and outdoor space. Oh, and did I mention the awesome beer? Like I said, total gamechanger.


Thanks, JoAnn. 

For more information on the SCNN and how to join check out their website:

Scituate Cohasset Newcomers & Neighbors

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