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Meet Kara! We are thrilled to share that Kara has joined THE SOUTH SHORE MOMS team. We look forward to introducing her to you but also cannot wait to see all the fun and exciting things Kara will bring to TSSM. Mom of two and a great deal of experience in social media and event planning, we are certain Kara is a perfect fit to help run TSSM.

◇ How long have you lived in the South Shore area?

We currently live in Hanover and have been there as a family for about five years. Following my high school graduation, my parents moved to Hanover, where I lived back and forth during those college years and in my early 20’s. In my late 20’s I lived in Quincy and then Braintree with my husband before moving back to Hanover prior to having our first child.



◇ What is your favorite thing about living here?

Being so close to the ocean and beach is by far my favorite reason. Plus, I have always felt like the South Shore was my home and knew I wanted to raise my family here. 


◇ What do you love to do with your kids around town?

My kids love animals and so one of our favorite things to do is visit a farm or another place with animals. Hanover center has a couple of horse stables so we will park the car and watch the horses (and then go play at the playground!) They also love to feed the ducks in Scituate Harbor or go down to the beach and collect seashells, rocks, even driftwood!One of our favorite places these days is Forge Pond in Hanover. You can take walks or go for runs on all sorts of trails, paved or in the woods. During the warmer months, there are food trucks on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 4-7, serving up all kinds of cuisine. 


◇ It’s finally starting to feel like summer. Where do you find yourself on these hot summer days?

 My kids are very lucky and have both their grandmothers living in Norwell with pools! On most days, you can find us at one of the pools or one at one of our favorite beaches…Duxbury or Nantasket.


◇ Favorite family friendly restaurant in the area?

We like the Fours in Norwell or Brother’s Grill in Hanover.


◇  What would you say is your favorite moment as a mom to date?

 Hearing both my kids say “mama”. I mean, now they say it all day long, but those little voices the first times they said it melted my heart.


◇ Toughest part about being a mom so far?

Well, I think many moms would agree with me when I say I think finding balance is the toughest. Finding it for your kids, with your spouse and for yourself. Right now I’m trying to find balance with my daughter on what is appropriate behavior and when should we just let her be a kid. Or with my son, he’s obsessed with frozen waffles but that’s all he wants to eat and so how do we get him to like more nutritious food (I’ll take any and all advice!) For me, at what point do I say to myself “okay Kara, time to put the phone down or turn the tv off and go to bed” I mean, life is just all one big balancing act and with kids, careers, and the overwhelming amount of “on demand,” it can feel impossibe trying to find that balance.


◇ What is the best advice you have received as a mom?

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing mom’s in my life, all of whom have bestowed upon me their best advice. My mom said after my first was born to remember that I am the mother and that I should always listen to instincts when it comes to my child. Also, my sister told me that frozen waffles and bagels are great for teething. (And, refer to above!)


◇ One thing you never leave the house without?

My iwatch. I’m obsessed with that thing. Or maybe it’s just I’m obsessed with trying to close the rings.



◇ Tell us a little bit about your work background.

My background is in public relations, event planning and social media strategy. I was the Community Manager for Honey Dew Donuts Corporate for 9+ years, but after the birth of my son, I took a step back and became a full-time stay at home mom.


◇ Something you hear yourself say often? Because I’m the mommy, that’s why!

◇ That’s right! Kara, thank you. We are so excited to have you on board. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with The South Shore Moms community. 

 I am THRILLED to be working with this fabulous South Shore Moms team! As moms, we are always doing so much for our families and friends that finding new activities for your kids or keeping things fresh with new date night spot can be overwhelming with the amount of resources availble at our fingertips. The South Shore Moms is working hard to be your go to guide in all things South Shore, giving moms the gift of time. Feel free to reach out to me any time with your collaborations, ideas and events! [email protected]



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