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Kristin grew up in Needham and has two boys. She recently moved from Scituate to Hingham and her favorite thing about living on the South Shore is the ocean. Kristin teaches yoga locally and is a beloved yogi on Instagram!

How many kids do you have?
2 boys – Levi age 2.5 years and Parker age 6 months

What is your favorite thing about living here?
The ocean! The ocean brings me into a whole different mindset. I’m calmer and happier living by the sea.

What do you love to do with your kids around town?
We love being outside – whether it’s building sandcastles at the Bathing Beach, running around at the Fire Station Playground, or finding a few yoga poses in our backyard.

Do you have a favorite family-friendly restaurant in the area?
Stars! We head there for brunch every few weeks, and we love how family-friendly they are, and it’s always fun to see other kiddos running around.

Is there a local store, fitness class or restaurant you love?
My baby boy and I teach a mommy and me yoga class at Studio 143 on Sundays at 11:15am and it has been so amazing meeting other new South Shore moms while also taking some time for ourselves.

What is your favorite moment/memory as a mom to date?
The moment my first son met my second son in the hospital absolutely melted my heart. Levi was 23 months at the time, and just starting to speak, so when he first saw him he was confused but there was love in his eyes. And since he had been practicing saying “Parker” he saw him and said PARKER! It was so so sweet.

What is the toughest part about being a mom?
I would have to say the sleep deprivation. Before kids, I remember thinking I was so tired after 7 hours of sleep. Now I have learned how to run on 3-5 hours and be even more productive than I ever was!

Any advice you would give to a new mom?
Do your best. There are so many judgey moms out there, know-it-all moms, better moms, worse moms. No mom out there is perfect. And as long as you do the best you can, you are the best mom for your little one(s).

What is one thing you never leave the house without?
Diapers and wipes! I did that once and regretted it as soon as my little guy had a blowout!!!

Is there something people might be surprised to know about you?
I’m not flexible! As a yoga teacher and a yogi on Instagram, people always assume I can do crazy handstands and splits. But I have naturally tight hamstrings and a fear of being upside down. That doesn’t mean I’m any less of a yogi, I think it just means I’m a real yogi!

What do you do for work now or what did you do before having kids?
I have a full time job in corporate America, but I teach yoga on the weekends. I like to say my full time job pays the bills but teaching yoga is my passion.

Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or otherwise?
I created my blog and my Instagram account when I first started teaching yoga 4 years ago. Since then, I’ve grown my Instagram following to over 44k, and have been sharing my yoga and motherhood journey there ever since.

Where do you love to shop (for kids or yourself)?
I’m big on online shopping. I have amazing luck on, and will typically buy the kids a few outfits each, and of course I add something for myself in the cart, too!

Favorite must-have product for moms?
You will find me most of the time on the weekends wearing Parker in my Ergo 360 baby carrier. I don’t think I could handle 2 young kiddos without it! He loves it too, and gets to watch his big brother run around like crazy, so it’s a win-win all around!

Favorite must-have product for kids?
When I was building my baby registry, a few friends said I needed a wubbanub. I thought to myself, why would I spend $13 on a binky when I can spend $1? But now both of my kids are obsessed with their wubbanubs!  

Thanks so much for sharing Kristin!

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