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So thrilled to introduce Sarah to you all. Sarah grew up in Quincy and shortly before high school moved to Hingham and is finally back on the South Shore with her family after college and working in the city. She has a beautiful 10 month old daughter named Delaney. Sarah is an extra special Meet a Mom to introduce to you all as she will be one of THE south shore moms moving forward. So looking forward to having her on board and sharing all the fun things we have coming up for TSSM. Get to know the bright and beautiful, Sarah!



◇ So, Sarah, what is your favorite thing about living here? 

I love being close to the ocean. This area offers a quick ride into Boston, but you’re far enough away that you can experience the suburb life.

◇ What do you love to do with Delaney around town? 

We’re limited right now due to the pandemic, but I still am sure to bring Delaney out on a daily basis. We love strolling around Derby street shops, visiting farms, having picnics at Hingham harbor, and exploring Wompatuck with our Goldendoodle!

◇ Delaney is 10 months! What is your favorite moment as a mom to date? 

Watching Delaney work hard at her milestones, and then witnessing when she achieves them, is the most heartwarming feeling. It’s incredibly humbling to know the human you’ve created is growing (while simultaneously can be so sad!) and accomplishing her little goals. Currently, she is trying to stand every chance she gets. I am sure to be patient and encourage some independent play, but of course I am right there beside her whenever she needs me.

◇ What do you find to be the toughest part about being a mom so far? 

Juggling all that’s expected of you. There is so much that is expected of us as women- a thriving career, a bangin’ body, the skills of an organic chef, a social life- all while raising tiny humans. As much as you told yourself it would never happen, your identity changes when you become a mother, in the best way possible, and prioritizing all of your other roles in life is quite challenging.

◇ Juggling act is really all it is, right? What is the best advice you have received as a mom? 

“This too shall pass.” Whatever it is you or your baby/kids are going through, it will pass. So breathe deeply, take it one day at a time, and, with great relief as well as appreciation and grace, remind yourself that this phase will not last forever.

◇ What is the best advice you would like to give an expecting mom that may be reading this? 

Wear your oxygen mask first. Although it might sound selfish, it’s quite the opposite. A healthy and happy mama makes for a happy and healthy baby.

◇ So true! Great advice. Ok, tell us, what is one thing you never leave the house without? 

Easy. My hydroflask.

◇ Is that the secret? Hydration? You have such great skin. What is your skincare routine? Need to know.

Yes, excessive water intake, adequate sleep, jojoba oil.

◇ Good to know. Where do you love to shop – for kids or yourself? 

During covid, I’m all about comfort. My favorite cozy items are the Lou and Grey line from the Loft, Stars Above lounge rompers from Target, and Lululemon align leggings (although Colorfulkoala on Amazon is a great dupe!). For Delaney, my favorite spots are H&M kids, Baby Gap, and L’ovedbaby (all online!).

◇ Favorite must-have product for tired moms? 

Tracks to Relax sleep meditation podcast (it’s free!). The “Calm” magnesium supplement powder is also great.

◇ Share a kid friendly / family favorite recipe. 

Healthy turkey meatloaf by Paleo Running Momma! Delaney loves it, too, crumbled up.

◇ Quote you love and live by?

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

◇ Favorite mom podcasts?

Mama Said, Mom Brain and Raising Good Humans. Stay tuned for more!

Sarah, so nice to finally introduce you to The South Shore Moms. We can’t wait to continue to share your creativity and knowledge.

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