Meet the Intern: Soli - South Shore Moms

Soli is originally from Hanover, Massachusetts. She has one little brother (although he’s not that little anymore as he’s taller than her)! Not so little Maverick is now 14 and they are very close. Maverick loves the outdoors, especially mountain biking! Soli and her family have been on the South Shore area for 25 years. Her parents grew up in Marshfield. Soli’ favorite thing about living here is being so close to the beach. You can usually find her there any season as she loves the ocean. Soli also loves to go on family hikes with their two dogs, Duke and Buster. There are many trails on the South Shore that they love to explore. Soli also loves to visit Hornstra Farm for ice cream and will be working there part-time this summer. Stop by and visit her there for a scoop or two!

◇ I love Hornstra, too. We love to visit the cows at the farm and get a scoop of ice cream over the summer. We will definitely come visit you there. But tell us, what is your favorite restaurant on the South Shore?

My family’s go to restaurant would definitely be Mother Anna’s in Pembroke. It’s a smaller, italian restaurant with an original location in Boston that began as my grandfather’s favorite restaurant. It’s now an en entire family experience when we go, they have something on their menu for everyone and it’s all absolutely delicious, they also do takeout which is extremely helpful when we would rather not go out.


◇ Is there anything else you’re involve with in this community?

For the past four years I volunteered in co-teaching a children’s boxing program with my family. I’m a huge advocate for teaching children the importance of exercise, fitness and healthy habits and I loved having the opportunity to teach important life lessons such as confidence, self defense and discipline to others.


◇ What did you love about growing up here?

Growing up on the South Shore, I’ve noticed the great sense of community that everyone tends to express. I think it’s important for moms to integrate their kids in the community in as many ways as possible, through town sports/drama/music programs, community service projects, trying out new local businesses rather than deferring big corporate companies, the list goes on. At the end of the day we’re all here to lift and support each other, so I think it’s important to teach children to do the same!


◇ Where do you love to shop?

My favorite spot to shop is Derby Street Shops! They have absolutely everything whether I’m shopping for mothers day, birthday presents or clothing for myself! My favorite store there is the Pop Up! Similar to the Guest House that we’ve previously featured, it’s a space that local businesses and clothing lines that will sell their products out of on specified dates. I love that it’s always something new and so different so that I can not only shop locally, but have something completely different to look forward to every time I walk in!


◇ Tell us (moms who have children’s music on repeat) what the bst song is right now.

Definitely “Better” by Khalid! I’m currently obsessed with his whole “Free Spirit” album, it’s so perfect to listen to in the car, with friends, to study to and totally puts me in the mood for summer.


◇ Is there a brand we don’t know about that we should know about?

Right now I cannot stop talking about the online brand Sand Cloud. They have cute little towels, backpacks, leggings, t-shirts and other beach products. What I love about them is that all of their products are made from recyclable products, environmentally friendly, and 10% of their profits goes towards Ocean Conservation.


◇ What is something that may surprise us to learn about you?

I think people are always shocked that I love to spend as much time as possible outdoors. I went to an agricultural high school to study animal science. I’m a total animal lover and have a bunch of pets at home, all of which are rescues. I love to ride horses, go hiking, camping with my family, and kayaking or paddleboarding.


◇ You’re doing an amazing job at TSSM! Tell us what you’re studying.

I’m currently pursuing a BS in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I’m also studying to receive my personal training certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Soli, you’re a gem! TSSM is lucky to have you.


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