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We are excited to introduce you to the lovely mama behind Bee and Roo. Originally from Cohasset, MA, Meg now lives in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. She is a mom to two little girls, Bee and Wells.


What do you love to do with your girls around town when you visit?

We love doughnut Fridays at Seabird, walks in World’s End and spending time with friends at Sandy Beach. Visiting Hornstra farms is one of our all time favorites.  Even though it’s getting chillier, we always make a pit stop for ice cream 🙂

What are some other local places you love around here?

My favorite local store for children is Brook and Main, which is new to Cohasset and has the cutest stuff and a lot of brands you don’t find outside of the city.  For workouts, I love running outside around town, especially Atlantic and Beach Streets, I also love the barre classes at Balance Studio! Dinners at Bia Bistro are so cozy (and I am obsessed with the truffle risotto!) and summer at The Old Salt House looking out at the harbor is the absolute best!

We agree! Tell us your favorite moment as a mom to date?

This is a hard one.  I would say outside of the days they were both born, seeing Bee’s love for Wells and vice versa, has been really special.  They have such a bond already, which makes us so happy.

What would you say the toughest part about being a mom?

Discipline and knowing what to say in the moment that will teach them the right lesson without punishing myself (anyone with me on this?)

What is the best advice you have received as a mom?

Every kid is different and everything is a phase (thank goodness!).  Oh also, that no one really knows what they are doing…

What is the best advice you would like to give to a new mom? 

You are doing great!  Which is what we have on the inside of our boxes for bee+roo.  I think it’s always nice to have that reminder, especially as a new mom when you can second guess every decision you make.  At the end of the day, you know what is best for your own child!

What is one thing you never leave the house without?

Snacks, bee+roo wrap/poncho, hand sanitizer and a binkie!

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I studied and worked in interior design for a short stint, so if all else fails I would love to start an interior design business one day, even if it’s just for friends!

Tell us a bit about Bee & Roo and how it came to be.

The idea for bee+roo came when I was on maternity leave with Bee. I was looking for a nursing cover that I would actually want to wear and couldn’t find a good option.  I started using a cashmere poncho my mom had bought for me for Christmas and the lightbulb went off.  From there I researched where I could find the highest quality cashmere, played around with the design, gage and weight, to make it best suited for moms.   Our goal was to allow women to be able to wear our ponchos whether they were pregnant, nursing or simply as part of their outfit.  And then with the help of some amazing female founders and friends who significantly helped me along the way, I started bee+roo!

Where can we buy it? Is it just for nursing mothers? 

Currently we are mostly selling from our website but we also sell locally at Brook and Main in Cohasset, MA and For Now in Boston and Nantucket, MA!  And no, we actually do well with women of all ages!  Our design suits those in the midst of early motherhood and beyond!

Anything else you’d love to share?

I am so honored to be a part of the incredible women entrepreneurs (especially all of the South Shore ladies!) and hope our story inspires anyone who wants to start something to go for it!  It’s all about trying something and seeing where it takes you, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Thanks, Meg! We look forward to your next visit to town.

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