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I had such a great morning meeting Megan and Kimberly, the lovely and very inspiring local moms behind Everybody Water. Megan grew up overseas – all over – in Switzerland, France, Thailand, Egypt to name a few. Spent some of her childhood in Seattle, fast forward to New York City and now lives just a couple blocks from the village and the harbor in Cohasset. Kimberly grew up in Braintree but spent some years in DC and NYC and has now been settled in Cohasset for 14 years. And get this, they aren’t just business partners and friends, they are also neighbors 🙂

Meet – The – Moms



◇ Tell TSSM readers about your kiddos.

M: Nichola is 9 and goes to Su Escuela Language Academy and my step-daughter Rena is 20 and is currently a junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

K:  Lily is 15 and attend Cohasset High School and Charlotte is 9 and is also at Su Escuela Language Academy.


◇ What do you love about Cohasset?

M: Cohasset is now my adopted home town.  I love the amazing people in our small town come together and lift each other up.  Also the passion the community has for giving back and doing good.

K: The wonderful people and friends I’ve made.  Of course the natural beauty and preserved architecture is very special too.


◇ What do you love to do with your family around town?

M: Riding our bikes in our dresses (always more fun) to the famers market to pick up fresh produce, baked goods, pretty jewelry, and more, while listening to music and enjoying Nona’s ice cream and Del’s lemonade.

K: We love Friday nights at Sandy Beach, walks to Seabird Café, and all the fun hometown traditions like the Memorial Day Parade, the Jingle Bell Walk, the Farmer’s Market, and the Red Carpet Prom event at Town Hall.


◇ What are some of your favorite memories thus far as a mother?

M: Traveling with my family to explore new countries, meeting fabulous people around the world, seeing cultural differences, and learning how to navigate it all together.

K: Weekends up in Vermont… making a fire, skiing with the girls, a crockpot dinner and puzzle… really awesome family memories that I will always treasure.


◇ What would you ladies say is the toughest part about being a mom?

M: The never ending to do list, while still balancing work/mom duties.  Having a sense of humor is key and being grateful!

K: Breakfast, lunch and dinner… everyone is always hungry!


◇ What is the best advice you have for your fellow south shore moms?

M: We hurry everywhere, slow down and find time to be fully present and involved with your children every day.

K: Teach your kids to acknowledge and be friendly to the adults they know when they see them, look them in the eye, and have a conversation.


◇ What is the best advice you would give to a new-ish mom?

M: Your children learn by watching you.  Be thoughtful in the choices you make, the tone and words you use, and love and affection you show.  It will impact decisions they make as they get older.

 K: Get exercise every day to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy… walks with friends are great because you can build your friendships and have meaningful conversations at the same time.


◇ What is one thing you two never leave the house without?

M: No surprise here, my phone.  My dog runs after me to make sure I also don’t leave without her.  So phone + Lexi the dog.

 K: Lip gloss.  I may as well be naked without it.


◇ Can you share a fun fact about yourself with us? 

M: I grew up riding Arabian horses at the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt

K: My 4th grade talent show performance was to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”


◇ What should every woman have in her closet?

M: Heals and faux fur add a little something to your outfit.

K:  Wedge boots.  Once you’re a mom you have to be practical… but these make you feel a little better.


◇ Favorite Quote?

M: My grandmother always said “stay calm, cool, and collected” and I am still working on it.

K: “Listen to your instincts.”  Maybe it’s more of an expression than a quote but something I’m learning to do more all the time.  I recognize now that our instincts are knowledge and harnessing them is a powerful force that always guides you in the right direction.


◇ Ok, now let’s talk about Everybody Water! How did it came to be? What inspired you both?

M: I was inspired by what I saw growing up in Asia and the Middle East, there were so many people in need and how could I someday make a difference?  I wanted to find a way to create and inspire a community who would come together around giving back, sustainability, and protecting our earth. Also, I wanted my children to see the world around them and how they could make an impact with the choices they make every day.  Luckily I moved to the right street in Cohasset and met my neighbor, friend, and now business partner Kim.  We came together over a shared passion and it has been a wild, exhausting, and fun ride.  Each day I am excited about the impact Everybody Water is making.

K:  I decided I had the ability to do something big with social impact.  I realized that unless I had in some way improved the lives of others, my own life would lack meaning.  I wanted to show by example to my children that you can choose an exciting path in your life that also helps others.  By amazingly good fortune, my dear friend and neighbor, Megan, was also looking for a similar change in her career.  I knew that she was not only a very good, sincere person but would be an incredibly dynamic and capable partner.  We’ve been on an amazing adventure together since then learning all new things and traveling internationally meeting incredible people making huge differences in the world….so grateful for all of it


Thanks for keeping us hydrated, ladies!

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