Meet TSSM's Summer Intern: Addy - South Shore Moms

Good Morning, TSSM! I’m so excited to introduce you to our summer intern, Adelaide. Addy was born and raised in Hingham! She is the oldest of FOUR! She has a brother, Harry who is 18, another brother JD who is 17, and her little sister Coco is 15. Entering her junior year of high school, her family moved to Dubai, yet they returned to Hingham during the summer months to enjoy the beauty that is summer around here! Upon graduating from the American School of Dubai, Addy headed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and just finished her second year. Although she loves being at school, she always looks forward to summers on the South Shore! 


What is favorite thing about growing up and living here?

The best thing about growing up on the South Shore is living in a beach community with such an abundance of great people. After moving to Dubai and then Madison, WI, I have a greater appreciation for coming home to such a welcoming atmosphere with so much to do.

What do you love to do with your family around town?

As a family, we love to take advantage of being on the water, the great restaurants and the sports community. Every weekend we went to the beach and played in the water until sunset. Fortunately, my grandma lived in the private part of Hull and we could walk from her house yet some years we bought beach stickers to Sandy Beach. Growing up each of my siblings and I played multiple sports (I being a dancer, hockey player, and lacrosse player) which gave us a sense of community and an abundance of role models. Today we still love trying the new restaurants and visiting our existing favorites.

Tell us more about school. What are you majoring in?

I just finished my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am double majoring in Strategic Communication and Spanish with a Certificate in Business.

  Where did you go to school while you lived on the South Shore?

I went to Carriage House Nursery School for preschool, St. Paul’s School for elementary and middle. Hingham High for my freshman and sophomore year. Then, we moved and I went to the American School of Dubai for my junior and senior year.

What do you miss most about The South Shore while away at school?

The ocean! As soon as I get home, my friends and I drive to the beach and sit by the water. I am so lucky to return to such a beautiful place and have great friends and family to share it with.

What is your go – to restaurant? 

For brunch, both my friends and family love to do a weekend recap at either Stars in Hingham Harbor or at Toast in Hull. For dinner, my family has always loved going to Square Cafe; their kids menu always had something for each of my picky brothers and they were always very flexible and accommodating when we were younger.

Have you been involved in anything else within the community? Past or Present?

In high school, I spent my summers as a camp counselor at the Hingham Rec Center. When I was at Hingham High, I played on the Hingham Girls Hockey Team and Hingham Girls Lacrosse Team. These days, in my free time, I like to stay active and go to yoga (Krigsman is my fave), or go for walks at World’s End or on the beach.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

During my two years of living in Dubai, I traveled to 20 countries. 🙂

As a kid who grew up here, what is the best advice you have for moms raising kids on the South Shore?

Take advantage of seasonal activities and create family traditions. Every Fourth of July, we run the Hingham Road Race, attend the Picnic Breakfast and then watch the parade eventually followed by the fireworks. Growing up, it was great having something to look forward to! I would also say that especially as kids start to get older, with the abundance of activities, naturally your family will be really busy – set aside a time to have a special brunch or dinner once a week (or more) that becomes routine. Every family is different but having a couple of hours a week (without phones) is a great way keep everyone close!

Anything else you would like to share?

I considered myself incredibly lucky to grow up in such a tight knit community and am so excited to intern for TSSM this summer.

Thanks, Addy! Thrilled to have you onboard. Your sparkly personality is contagious. We look forward to an amazing summer!

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