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TSSM, what do you do during the newborn phase and all of those overnight feeding sessions? I often watch tv (on mute), text with girlfriends who are also up nursing at the same hour, browse instagram or read news articles but my most favorite (and my husband’s least favorite) middle of the night trick to stay awake has become online shopping. Retail Therapy, am I right? I am a huge fan of Amazon Prime, (what mother isn’t?) and while I have made some questionable purchases in this state of mind (see: this), but have also gotten some great packages in the mail. I’ve decided to share Prime Picks of the Week with you! Click the images below to shop with me!

Anyone else constantly losing sunglasses? I usually keep a stash in my car, purse, junk drawer and still wind up losing most. Just snagged these Kate Spade Sunnies for $60.

My sister got me this hand cream a couple months ago because I love the Capri candle and it reminded her of me. I recently ran out and had to buy another tube. Now, it makes me think of her AND my hands feel nice and soft…and of course smell delish. Aren’t sisters the best? Trust me, you’ll love it. Just under $20!

I’ve been spending so much time at home (hello, newborn phase), and we typically take our shoes off when inside the house, so I decided it was time to try the robe and slipper look. These are super cozy! I feel like I’m walking on a cloud…for just $15!

This fleece hoodie is a STEAL. It is so cute and comfy and comes in a variety of styles and colors. I have stocked up with a few of these for fall. Would you believe me if I told you this stylish-yet perfect for moms on the go who may or may not have time to shower in the mornings-sweater is only $67.

*Please know that TSSM may earn a small commission for my recommendations as this post contains affiliate links to the products.

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