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What types of services do you offer? 


Repel provides an all natural tick, mosquito and deer repel spray.   Please inquire with us if you have a request for a repel service not listed. We may be able to provide if it is related to outdoors.  We are not an indoor exterminator.


Does the all natural spray have any harmful effects on humans, pets or my plants and shrubs? 

No, because it’s all natural, it’a safe for humans, pets and your landscaping.


Will the natural spray kill the mosquitos and ticks?  

The natural spray creates a barrier around your property which repels mosquitos and ticks. It does not kill them unless they come in direct contact with the solution.


How does the spray work on deer? 

Deer will not eat the treated areas since the oil does not appeal to them, thus leaving your flowers, bushes and shrubs unharmed.  


Will I notice any residual effects after the technician has sprayed?If not, how will I know service was completed? 

Other than the possibility of smelling a “cedar like” odor that will dissipate after a few hours, you will not see any physical signs that a service tech has been on your property.  Our service tech will leave an invoice/confirmation at your house so that you know that service has been performed. 


Do I need to be home when the technician comes to spray?  

No, it is not neccessary for anyone to be home during the application process.  


Do I need to be home when the technician comes to spray?  

No, it is not neccessary for anyone to be home during the application process.  


Is there a fee to get an estimate? 

Our service tech is happy to meet with you, survey your property and discuss your service needs for a free evaluation. 


How often do I need to spray? 

After the initial application, a second application should be scheduled approximately 15 days later.  The following applications can be approximately every 30 days, depending on your existing condition. 


Can I get a one-time spray application for a special outdoor event? 

Yes, we are happy to accommodate your special event with a one-day spraying. However, without a service program, your results will be short term. 


What if I’m unhappy with the results of the natural spray? 

Does repel offer other alternatives for stronger results? Although we promote all natural sprays and it is our preferred method of application, we do realize that it may not always be the best solution for some customer’s needs. We do offer a synthetic pesticide spray as an alternative method for customers that prefer this more aggressive option.


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