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This post was written by TSSM contributor, Kate of Domestikatedlife.

These days I’m looking for any reason to insert some joy and festiveness into our weekly routines. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up this week, I have been gathering up inspiration from my archives on @Domestikateblog for some of my favorite ways to celebrate the luck of the Irish with my family: 

Green Snack Plates. I made a green food kids snack board for lunch that was a hit with my 4-year-old, and a sneaky way for me to get healthy options on this festive plate. Slice and arrange cucumbers into shamrock shapes, use a cookie cutter to make shamrock avocado toasts, and mix in other green foods like spinach tortellini or pasta with pesto, broccoli florets and dip, and green fruits like grapes and apple slices. And finish it off with some green shamrock cookies for a special treat. 

Green M&M Cookies. I love a baking for a toddler-friendly activity. Measuring and mixing (okay and a little taste-testing) are a great activity to do together with kids. We make these tasty M&M cookies and take the toddler-involvement one-step further by sorting all of the green M&Ms out of the back. It’s good color and sorting practice and keeps kids busy while you’re gathering the rest of the ingredients.  

Lucky Breakfast Ideas. A few easy ideas for making a special, kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day breakfast: serve special occasion bowls of classic Lucky Charms, make a fruit-salad rainbow full of healthy chopped fruit, and tint your pancake batter with green food coloring for some shamrock flapjacks! 

Pot of Gold Crudité. Make a rainbow of sliced veggies on a plate and use a bowl of “gold” hummus at the end for a healthy, festive afternoon snack. 

Tasty recipes for the grown-ups. Looking for something special to make for dinner to celebrate the holiday? Start with an appetizer of air fryer corned beef and cabbage spring rolls, serve up family-friendly twice baked shepherd’s pie potatoes, and end with a decadent dessert of Guinness chocolate mousse

See more festive ideas for the holidays on my Instagram page @Domestikateblog.

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