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MOMS! I never thought I would find myself so excited about a new TV, Phone and Internet provider. After all, aren’t they all the same? The short answer is “NO”. I discovered this after I attended an event with the lovely Kristin Quinn of Misadventures of Mommyhood. We trekked to a Comcast XFinity event for #XfinityMoms. I was in for the fun ride (she lured me to Burlington), meeting other moms and learning about a new product. At the time, I was not an “XfinityMom” but I had been in the homes of moms who were and always came back to my sad little remote that I couldn’t talk to and wished I would just bite the bullet and switch over. After this event, I was sold. We set up a time to switch to XFinity, I marked my calendar and the install day has come and gone…and my family is overjoyed (yes, it’s that exciting) with the switch.

Let’s start with the quality of service. I got the typical “window” of service. We decided to book it on a Saturday so that my husband or I would be home and one of us could sneak out with the kids. My window was 8:00-10:00am. At 7:58am, the Comcast truck pulled into my driveway and my doorbell rang at 8:00am. A-mazing.

The guys, Rob and Gary, were friendly and efficient. The only issue I will share is that they were SO friendly, my three year old daughter put on her boots, grabbed a flashlight (because you need that when installing services) and followed them around like she had known them forever. In fact, I convinced her to run out for bagels quickly, and the entire time she made me promise “Robert and Gary” would still be at her house. They engaged with her in between running lines and connecting “stuff”. I won’t get technical, because of course, I have no idea. Who knew an install and the crew would be the highlight of my kids weekend?

Moving on to my favorite feature, the X1 TV Voice Remote. Unlike some members of my family, when I speak, it listens.  It’s amazing. You get what you want, when you want it, and faster. Is that not what every busy mom needs? “I want to watch Frozen!” your kids say? Press a button, say ‘Frozen’, and voila. See a commercial for ‘This is Us’? “Record This Is Us”. Want to skip through commercials, “Fast Forward”. Done and done. It’s quick, easy and what mom doesn’t love to boss yet another thing around?


Another amazing feature is the Kids Zone. It’s a safe environment for kids to have access to live tv, on demand content and anything previously recorded. You can customize the parental controls as well. No more worrying about what your kid is watching on the TV!


There are so many reasons why XFinity has won me over. I love the xFi online dashboard. It’s simple to manage all the connected devices in your home. You can create personal profiles and assign certain devices to each family member (again, hello parental controls). The awesome part of this is the control it gives you over all the devices and wi-fi. You can troubleshoot on your own should you encounter problems. It’s safer and more secure and best part, you can monitor who is most active and when. You can even set up bed time schedules and kick a device off the wi-fi at a certain hour. Oops… honey, you can’t work past 8pm anymore, I guess you’ll have to sit on the couch and watch The Real Housewives of every city with me.


Speaking of the WiFi, Xfinity also came out with new sleek xFi Pods. They are small, pretty looking little things, that extend and improve your home’s WiFi network. No more weak spots around here!

We continue to discover a variety of other amazing features as we get acquainted with our new and improved TV and Internet services. Stay tuned for more stories on TSSM’s instagram account in the coming week. Can you tell I’m excited?!

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