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Kids Travel Must-Have

What is it? A magnetic drawing board, by Lemonda. It is an educational toy, perfect for a your holiday travels if you have a long car ride or flight with the kiddos coming up. Why we love it? This kept my three year old mesmerized during a recent flight. The most fun part? Pushing the magnets back down after drawing. Let’s just say, we all asked to take turns. It’s therapeutic and addicting. I purchased this toy after we...

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Honey: Coupon Codes Minus the Work

What is it? Honey is a service that makes it ridiculously easy to save money and time. Honey automatically finds coupon codes for the site you’re shopping at and applies them to your order when you check out, saving you money and coupon searching time. Why we love it? We love saving money! Honey is easy to use and it does the work for us. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you are getting the best deal or waste time...

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The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin

What is it? The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin is a family favorite book (and movie) around here the month of October. Well, year round, because who actually gets around to putting anything away. Why we love it? It is the story of a square pumpkin that lives in a round pumpkin patch world. It delivers a message of kindness in a fun and heartwarming way. It’s never too early to teach your kiddos the importance of...

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Buggy Bench

What is it? Buggy Bench turns any shopping cart into a double cart. It easily attaches to any size shopping cart instantly creating a second seat. Why we love it? This is the most asked about item I’ve ever owned and it makes shopping with more than one kid a breeze! The price point won’t break the bank and it simply works. I purchased my buggy bench after having my second chid and it has been a lifesaver. I finally...

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Splendid Spoon

What is it? The Splendid Spoon is a cleanse program that helps you eat great, save time and feel (and look) amazing! Learn more about the meal plan and how it works. It is a compilation of bottles and bowls full of yummy ingredients. Check out the menu here. Why we love it? You stay satisfied and don’t get too hangry. The cleanse is a compilation of bottles and bowls full of yummy ingredients AND our moms get a special offer....

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Stitch Fix….for Dad!

What is it? A personal styling service customized to your budget, fit & lifestyle.  Why we love it? Because let’s be honest, our hubbies are great, but their wardrobe could use a makeover. I love this service because my very busy husband never has time to shop for himself, nor does he want to when he does have the time. When I show up with clothes for him he cringes at the receipts and returns everything. I secretly signed...

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